Anniversary Cake

You know how some people freeze the top layer of their wedding cake and eat it a year later? I wasn’t into that. I don’t even like putting cake in the fridge.

Luckily, I didn’t have to worry about it because Amy at the Sugar Flower Cake Shop includes a brand new, non-year old, non-frozen cake in the bridal package. I’ve been thinking about this cake for…okay, a year. The one problem is that Amy is in the city and I’m no longer a commuter so I had to make a special trip into Manhattan. The weekends between our anniversary and now have been jam-packed and I finally had the opportunity to pick up my cake last week. I also wanted to have a reason to have an entire cake on my hands. Left to our own devises, my husband would have consumed an obligatory sliver while I consumed mass quantities of cake and frosting. Instead, I brought it over to my brother’s house and forced dessert on my family. Everyone wins!

I was dreaming about how this cake would taste but I never expected it to be so gorgeous. Amy put the same amount of attention to detail and unflawed artistry into our anniversary cake as she did with the wedding cake and when I opened the box I was touched by its beauty.

Or maybe you don’t get all mushy over cake. Lame.

For any brides-to-be out in the NYC area, I fully recommend the Sugar Flower Cake Shop. I wasn’t into the big, lavish cakes but wanted something delicious  with unique flavor options so Amy’s Chic Cake collection was perfect for me. She took my vision into account and had plenty of examples to illustrate what she thought I was saying since my cake-design vocabulary was so limited. She even let me mail her the ribbon I used in our decor to line the cake layers. The sugar flowers are colored to match the roses from my bridesmaids’ bouquets. The best part was being allowed to have three different cake flavors, two fillings, and two frostings. You know I hate making decisions.

No recipe today but Thursday I’ll tell you about my chocolate spice hazelnut cupcakes. I’m still working on the name.

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