Welcome Back

I got an email the other day from WordPress alerting me that, unless I objected, they were going to charge me $26 to keep my domain name. Even though I haven’t posted in about ten months and even though I gave up on trying to properly write down recipes that can be followed by anyone other than me, and even though I’m not really in a position to be throwing around $26, I didn’t want to lose The Temperamental Kitchen. Go ahead and charge me, WordPress, you capitalist machine!

Besides, a lot has happened in the last ten months! Like this:


And this!


I bought Muffin the worst fish tank ever for Christmas. It was supposed to fit nicely into our bookshelf, except when you add several gallons of water it apparently gets too heavy and the shelf starts to sag. The light has failed three times now. Also, it makes the fish swim upside down:


I made  a cake with a kick-ass fondant bow!


I found this decorative sign that pretty much sums up my suspicions:


I fell in love with Shaun T.:


Went to Hawaii:



And rode a BMW bicycle.

Why yes, that IS a bell on my BMW bike!

Why yes, that IS a bell on my BMW bike!


Um, I guess that pretty much brings you up-to-date.

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