Why Siri And I Are Not Speaking At The Moment

I should first warn you that I blame Siri for anything having remotely to do with my iPhone, though I always say thank you when she actually gets something right. She usually replies with something snarky and sarcastic like, “It was my pleasure.” Also, despite my repeatedly asking her to call me by name, she pretty much never does.

Today I put Siri to the simple task of looking up directions. I typed in the road name as E Main St. She sent me to Main St–NOT THE SAME THING especially because there IS a Main St. in town. I tried East Main St. Same result. She even asked if perhaps I meant East Main St in a different town. Thanks but no thanks.

Finally I tried putting in the route number instead of the street name and this is what she came back with:



Dear God,

Please grant me the strength not to throw Siri across the room.

Love, Jessica