Mango Chipotle Sauce

So, have you noticed something different about me? Do I seem a little…lighter? Brighter? Shiner? Yeah, thought so. It’s my MacBook Air.

After a couple weeks of back and forth between the iPad and my husband’s computer with the anxiety-inducing mouse nub, it’s nice to be up and running. I can tell already that Mac and I are going to be long time friends. As long as I don’t drop it on the kitchen floor like the camera. There are a few weird things about Mac that I’m still getting used to. I can’t seem to maximize the website window. I hit the green button and the whole window shifts to the bottom of the screen. Not like it’s minimizing, it’s just..shifting. Weird. Also–the green button. And the yellow. And the red. I’m still heading to the upper right hand corner to minimize/close. Oh and I already miss the “end” button. AND! What the heck is this cable for?

Things I love about Mac–it weighs nothing. If I wasn’t so prone to dropping things, I’d carry it around with me where I went. Also, the key board is comfy and perfectly clicky. And the mouse pad is off the hook. Yeah, I said it. Thanks Steve Jobs for an off the hook mouse pad.

I actually made this mango chipotle sauce last night, but I was too distracted by Mac to write about it. It was an excellent addition to my shrimp burritos but disappointing on the mango side. I couldn’t taste anything but chipotle. That’s ordinarily not  a bad thing, but when you spend the time getting the food processor from the way back of the closet and then cutting up the mango and then pureeing and then you have to dissemble and clean the food processor…well, you want to taste some mango. PS–photographing burritos is hard.

So, here’s what’s not to do:


1 Mango

3 Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon lime juice

2 cloves garlic

Load everything in the processor and hit the button until smooth.