Random Round Up

The bad news is that the lens on my camera won’t retract and the camera itself won’t turn on. The somewhat good news is that I removed the memory card from the new camera and put it back in the old camera so at least you can see some bad photos of my lovely zucchini muffins. Bad photos are better than no photos? I guess that can be debated.

I’m super angry with myself for dropping the new camera in the first place. I was rushing (for you!) to snap some pictures and get my post up, already a day late, and it slipped from my grasp. Landed on the floor with a clatter. I’m sure it can be fixed and I’m sure it will be expensive. Does Best Buy do this sort of surgery or do I need to go to a camera store? Or, heaven forbid, send it back to Cannon?

On to a more delectable topic, I made a mouth-watering test batch of lemon cupcakes last night. They were so good that my husband went for his won after having a bite of mine. It also helps that they weren’t frosted since he’s not a big fan. But these were a big success. I’ll get the recipe out to you in a couple of weeks after I make a full batch so I can give you the correct measurements. I was only aiming for about half a dozen last night so I cut the recipe in some strange ways. I also annoyed Hubs by asking what a third of a half would be. He didn’t like that I didn’t like his answer.

Can I also tell you about two quick meals I made this week? The first was my lunch all week-long. Super simple-whole wheat wrap with humus, one slice of American cheese, cucumber, sprouts, and spinach. Healthy and delicious. The other was our dinner last night. Fettuccine with red peppers and red onions sautéed with olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, oregano, and garlic powder. Mine was topped with portobello much rooms, also sautéed, and his was with chicken. We both ate more than we probably should have… but that’s my fault for making too much. I have a problem with not being able to tell how much dry pasta to put in the pot.

Have a fantastic and delicious weekend!