Mushroom and Chick Pea Soup

If you don’t like chick peas or mushrooms just stop reading now. Come back tomorrow for the List of Books You Need to Read if We’re Going to Remain Friends. But seriously—this is not the post for you. On the other hand if you like mushroom and you loooooove chick peas—I have a soup you need to make! 

This soup was a complete accident. I had in mind what I wanted and then I dumped in way too much ginger. I’m done with the ginger, I promise. I mean, at least for now. For a while. Done. Ginger has never ever tasted as bad as it did in this soup before I fixed it.


How did I fix it? An entire can of coconut milk that I happened to have left over from the time I tried to make coconut milk ice cream only to be surprised that it tasted like coconuts. It did the trick and the coconut and the soy sauce and the ginger get an A+ in working well with others.


Both the chick peas and the mushrooms are soft without being mushy and the chick peas especially soak up the flavor of the broth from all that time they spend together in the slow cooker. I probably didn’t need to slow cook them, but I wanted to go out and not babysit a pot of beans so I made the crock pot do it instead.


Oh, and I brought the soup to work and yesterday I had the brilliant idea to borrow some Sriracha from Sylvie and add a few drops—next time I make this soup I will add several tablespoons of magical Sriracha. This soup definitely works well under fire.

Chick Pea and Mushroom Soup


4 cups vegetable broth

1 cup water

3 cans of chick peas

5 cups sliced mushrooms

1 tablespoon ginger*

½ cup soy sauce

1 can coconut milk

*This is an adjusted amount. I used 2 tablespoons and regretted it. But if you add the coconut milk and think you need more ginger, go gentle into that good night.

Put 2 cups of the broth, 1 cup of water, and the chick peas into your slow cooker on low for 6 hours or on high for 4 to 5 hours, testing for tenderness, or on your stove top if you’re going to hang out for a while.

Add the remaining broth, mushrooms, ginger, soy sauce, and milk and cook on high for another two hours. Add salt to taste.